Where Are They Now


Medway High 1996-2000

Currently lives in Los Angeles, CA working as a Director of Photography / Camera Operator on Reality and Documentary based Television shows. Some of his credits include:
  • Little Women LA
  • Real Housewives of Beverly Hills / Orange County
  • Botched
  • Million Dollar Listing LA
  • Cee Lo’s Goodie Life
  • Barter Kings
  • Shark Week
  • Married to Jonas
  • Intervention
  • Real World
  • Million Dollar Decorators
  • Shahs of Sunset
  • The Academy
  • While spending time at the Cable Studio from about 1997-2000, Parker worked on two independent sketch comedy shows, filmed and provided play by play for the high school football & hockey games and various class projects. The studio was perfect for learning all aspects of Television Production from writing, filming, editing and broadcast. It provided him the freedom to be creative while also developed his skills working hands on with cameras, lights and editing equipment.


Nathan Barnatt has been called the next Buster Keaton, the new Jim Carrey, and the last physical comedian. He's been filming shorts with his two brothers since high school and is amongst one of the earliest adopters to YouTube. To date his total videos have over 200 million views. LA Weekly once dubbed him the king of the web, but he's much more than that having directed and starred in music videos for FloRida, Pharell, Robin Schulz, Skrillex amongst others. He has appeared on shows for Fox, IFC, NBC, CBS, Comedy Central, and currently recurs on Disney's KIRBY BUCKETS, and is the voice of Blackstein on FOX ADHD's HIGH SCOOL U.SA. Also a prolific writer and creator, Barnatt has sold pilots based on his characters to Comedy Central, Amazon, Fox ADHD, and Adult Swim, and most recently a cartoon for Nickelodeon. Nathan attributes many of his accomplishments to video tech class in high school and the on the job training he received as a grave digger prior to moving to LA. Represented by Andy Anderson at The 5 Management Group and Innovative Artists Agency.

And here more about my experience at MCA... My absolute favorite part of going to Medway High was video tech class with Kara. I would even leave other classes (with permission) to go work on editing videos in the studio. After school I would borrow the cameras to shoot videos with my brothers and friends then air them on Medway Cable Access. It's what started everything for me. I learned to edit on analog tape decks then later on a computer. And where I first learned how to operate a video camera. All the time I spent throughout high school making videos is what I consider my actual education. I don't remember anything else. Guess I don't need to cause I'm still just filming everyday. Although it would be nice to remember what comes after the number 43 or how to spell Machasusetts. Oh well.

I didn't know that this was what I was going to do with my life and if I'd be successful at it. I never imagined I'd be working with TV networks creating shows and filming commercials. At the time I was just having fun. That's probably why I'm still doing it. It never stopped being fun or felt like work. So thanks to MCA the world gets to continually see me slam my bald head into the ground and flop my loose body around to French dance music. Thanks MCA.


Paul Driscoll currently works for the cable channel MSNBC full time in their studios at 30 Rockefeller Center in New York City. He splits his time there as a studio Stage Manager and a Technical Production Manager working in the control room. As a Technical Production Manager in the control room, Paul works to get the satellite feeds of the remote shots fed into the control room so they are available for the Director to use in the show. When in the studio he coordinates the crew to move the set and cameras in place for each show that he works on during the day.

Medway Cable Access was Paul’s first television studio and his time working on any kind of production. The chance he had to get his hands on professional equipment and work in an atmosphere at such a young age, gave him a head start. This lead him to go into productions during his college years. When he graduated he didn’t dream he would have a career in live television, but his experiences at Medway Cable Access have proved invaluable as he has moved through his career from independent productions to where he is today.


DJ Doyle is a graduate of Medway High School class of 2002. He was a field producer and editor for Newswatch, where he was first taught the creative, technical and logistical skills required to write and produce a live television program. Doyle took these lessons with him to Boston College, where he and a group of friends emulated the Newswatch model in order to create the school's first and only student-produced weekly news show. The skills developed and friends made while producing these shows drew DJ out to Los Angeles, where he continued to work as a freelance editor and in post production on the show Survivor before shifting over to scripted television to pursue a career in writing. Doyle has spent nine years in the industry, and is currently a writer staffed on the show Marvel's Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. -where he is still learning the creative, technical and logistical skills required to write and produce a television program.